Uganda Martyrs United Church of Canada

Our Mission

Our Mission

Uganda Martyrs Church of Canada mission is to bring a pastoral ministry among the growing community of Ugandans from different religious background as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Whenever a pastoral concern arises in the community for example, the loss of a relative back home, family members needing a pastoral visit for a particular reason, moments of joy like the birth of a child, the betrothal of a couple, whenever such pastoral service arises, UMUCCA will be there for our community members. Uganda Martyrs Church of Canada is a place of refuge for many Canadians of Ugandan descent in the GTA and beyond.

The Objectives of the Church shall be:

a) To preach, promote and advance the spiritual teaching of the Christian faith by practicing the religious observances, tenets and doctrines associated with that faith.

b) To support and maintain missions and missionaries in order to propagate the faith.

c) To provide spiritual guidance and fellowship to the members.

d) To instill Christian and positive cultural values and a strong sense of community living.

e) To provide counselling and, where possible, support services to members.

f) To create greater interaction and solidarity amongst people of Ugandan origin.

g) To create greater interaction and solidarity between people of Ugandan origin and people of other origins.