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First Post

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Testing Post

This post represents the first post created using the posts-template.

All new posts should follow the same design and pattern so that we have a standard that we follow when we post any new information under the latest news.

When you need to create a new post, please create a topic or title first, then use the plus symbol to add a block for this post.

Click on “Browse All” so that a list of block items will show up and you will have the option to select the “Reusable”.

After you select the appropriate reusable block, then insert it where it is supposed to go.

Select the 3 dots & select the option to convert the reusable block to regular block and then update and save your post.

Make sure you perform this step every time you start a new post so that the reusable block that you reused does not get corrupted or contains the content of the current post you’re currently editing .

Pictures can also be added into the post as you can see the above example. In order to add the picture, just press enter 2 or 3 times and then click on the +(plus) to add a block.

You can add more text as you wish going down this page or post.

You can add more text as you wish going down this page or post.