The women’s ministry is headed by Santa Oloya and it is composed of both mature women and young women in our church that come together and discuss issues concerning family matters, counseling each other on ways how to raise children, be good mothers and wives.

The women’s ministry is one of the most active ministries with members participating and heading various ministries. The women’s role in our church is so instrumental in holding this church together, and bringing new ideas to develop this church with a better future. These women are so hard working that they manage to raise children, hold down full-time jobs, and run the hospitality ministry every Sunday.


  • The leader of the women's ministry is working on a plan with her team to find ways which will help this ministry reach out to all women members in this church. This ministry would like also to encourage other women who are not members of this church to come and attend this church on regular basis which will eventually increase the women ministry’s number.
  • The women’s ministry has also been working with the Outreach Ministry to collect for the food bank which helps to provide food to the homeless in the city of Toronto
  • This ministry is supporting and working with First Nation's women.
  • The Women’s Ministry participated and helped plan the black history month celebration.
  • We were present for the Islamic Woman's Conference.