Youth and Young Adults Ministry is headed by Esther Keshubi who is guiding these young people in their early lives to be better people in the future.

UMUCCA YAYA group is composed of energetic, vibrant, and bright young people who are active in our community and beyond. Most of these young people were either born in Canada or in Uganda, and they have overcome all odds of life and managed to go universities, colleges, and other higher learning institutions. So, if you have any young people in your family that want to be inspired by their age mates, please feel free to join us and find out how this ministry can help you.


Expectations from the community:

  • Please encourage and bring your children to come and join us every time we have an activity going.
  • Continue to contribute generously when we have fundraisings for our activities/programs.
  • Help in organizing transport to pick up our youth and young adults who need to come and prepare the service, practice songs for praise and worship.
  • We would like to build a strong Sunday school choir and will be sending home some leaflets after Sunday school with the children with songs for practice. Please encourage and sing with your children whenever possible. These will be common or rather popular church songs that, most if not all of us know.
  • We received a donation of toys and equipment for our Sunday school through contacts of Irene Yebuga. We are in the process of setting up our room to receive these items which will then be available for all to see. We would like to thank Irene Yebuga and her contacts for the generous gift.

UMUCCA Youth Outreach - feeding the hungry - On-going - once a month.  Program has been done jointly with Rev. Jean Henry of Circle of Love Community Outreach.  We share the cost of food and preparation.  We have now been joined by St. Andrew's United Church, Georgetown.  They have assisted in preparing some of the food and have been bringing in clothing, shoes and blankets.  We have an average of 5 youth attending each time.

Encounter 2015 & 2016 - Grade 7 -12 - In May 2015 we had 18 youth attend the Youth retreat at Teen Ranch in Orangeville.  Encounter 2016 is going to be in Medeba Adventure Learning Centre, West Guilford, ON.  We are making arrangements to have some of our youth attend.

Toronto Conference AGM - In June 2015 we had 4 youth represent our Church at the 91st Annual General Meeting of Toronto Conference.  We have been invited to send representatives again this year to the 92nd Annual General Meeting.  The theme of the AGM will be "Weaving Our Stories Into God's Love" - The AGM is from May 27 to 28th.

Food Drive - The Youth had an Easter Food Drive.  They delivered 200 brown bags which were collected the following week with Food donations.  They collected a total of 276 pounds of food.

Worship Leadership Seminar - January 30, 2016 - a group of our youth and young adults attended a Worship leadership seminar with Alydia Smith, Program Coordinator, Worship, Music and Spirituality, at the United Church head office.

Black History Celebration - Our youth did an incredible job with the show after the service.  They show cased music, dance and the hall was brightly decorated with information about Black History. 

For our Sunday School-

  • They have had trips to some of the top tourist attractions in our city- the Aquarium & the CN tower
  • Christmas parties at church to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Up Coming activities:

  • Susan and her team are organizing to take our Sunday school children to Sky Zone – “the jumping world”