Men’s Ministry

Men's Ministry

The men’s ministry is head by Grace Matovu and it is composed of both mature and young men who come together and discuss issues concerning family matters, counseling each other on ways how to handle children, how to be good fathers and husbands. This ministry has various activities, goals, and future plan which will help this ministry grow stronger within the church community and beyond.


  • Currently, the head of the Men’s Ministry Ronald, has been working with the youth headed by Martin who participates in the praise and worship team. This team has been instrumental in assisting and leading the church service that continues to grow, develop, and also discover various talents in members of our congregation.
  • There has been a good collaboration between the Outreach Ministry headed by Allyce Mutungi and the Men’s Ministry. The men’s ministry has attended church events outside the UMUCCA that continues to bridge the gap and creating a strong bond between these ministries.
  • Some members of the Men’s Ministry have been active helping new comers from Uganda and guiding through their refugee process here in Toronto, and in welcoming them to Canada as their new home. The idea of sponsoring a Syrian refugee family is in the works too.
  • The men have been also supportive of all other ministries in church that includes the youth, women and hospitality ministries.


Our Mission


Our Vision

  • We will seek to offer informed pastoral care.
  • Anyone who has suffered abuse developing.
  • The importance of understanding.
  • Including people's feelings.