The Outreach Ministry is headed by Allyce Mutungi who is very active with this community outreach program for feeding the hungry, homeless and food drive campaigns.

Food Drive – The UMUCCA Youth group is doing a tremendous job in the outreach ministry with the Food Drive campaigns guided by Allyce Mutungi. The Youth group has delivered more than 200 brown bags which have been collected in the Food Drive donations.

Non-perishable food items are collected by church members, as well as, and these members deliver and collect brown bags from the community around the UMUCCA church premises. The women’s and men’s ministries are also active participants in this Food Drive campaigns.


Community Outreach – This is a monthly activity done every month to feed the homeless in the city of Toronto.

This program has been done jointly with Rev. Jean Henry of Circle of Love Community Outreach. We share the cost of food and preparation. We have now been joined by St. Andrew’s United Church, Georgetown, and they have assisted in preparing some of the food, they have brought in clothing, shoes and blankets. We normally have an average of 5 youth attending each time.

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